Sunday, January 4, 2015

Afghan Recipes Coming Soon

I moved to Cupertino in 1989 to start a new job at Apple (right after the Loma Prieta earthquake, thankfully). It was there that I discovered one of my favorite restaurants: Kabul in Sunnyvale, CA. I'd never had Afghan cuisine before and was immediately hooked.

Some of my favorite dishes from the restaurant are:
  • Kadu - a sweet pumpkin dish topped with meat sauce and yogurt
  • Pakawra-e-badenjan - a fried eggplant dish topped with meat sauce and yogurt. Nope, still can't pronounce it right.
  • Aush - an awesome noodle soup with lots of tangy yogurt
  • And, of course, Kababs, kababs, kababs!
 I've been tinkering with recipes over the years trying to replicate the dishes and finally think I've got something that's pretty close. Naturally, only after years of tinkering did I stumble upon and find recipes for all the dishes...

So, anyway, I'll be adding recipes for some of my favorite Afghan recipes over the next few weeks. Happy cooking to all you Kabul fans out there.

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